1. Gourmet pizza, biscotti, cheesecake, patina-fork, and signboard ~

    Paint & crayon-stained Cuisine Board ™ measures 2 inches in width 


  2. Someone asked if I have a name or label for my style … many miniaturists prefer to specialize primarily in food items or lovely shabby chic designs or pieces specific to a period, but I’m kind of all over the board ~

    I suppose because I so love the sixties & early seventies, one of my favorite words is “funky”, defined as follows: ”characterized by originality, unconventional, authentic, stylish and exciting, far-out, strange, cool” ~

    And I’ve always considered myself to be a little eccentric and a lot of eclectic when it comes to … well, pretty much everything. 

    So I guess my mini work is a mix of funky/eccentric/eclectic.

    Yeah, I like it.



    What are you looking at is a close-up of a wall carving from the exclusive 1 Oak Arts Abstrac-a-delic  Collection

    The focal point of an upcoming furniture piece, it is made from a specially blended selection of clay colors,
    measures 3 inches wide by 2 inches tall and is the result of hours of meticulous hand-carving & detailing

    The tiny bowls, also carved and part of the same collection, measure less than 3/4 of an inch wide


  4. Tiny abstract bowl with natural inclusions

    Part of the 1 Oak Arts deni-mini  ™ Decor Collection


  5. Tiny 3-drawer cabinet stands just over 2 inches tall ~

    Matching handmade crate ~

    Part of new & exclusive crayon-stained collection


  6. Cuisine Board ™ measures 3 inches in width and is decoupaged with delicate dried flower petals ~ 

    Marble bundt cake w/ dark chocolate icing and almond pieces, set onto gold-rimmed ceramic serving plate ~ 

    van Gogh print decoupaged onto tiny wood piece




  9. Elegant Dining in Miniature ~

    Table stands 2.5 inches tall with decoupaged top

    Chairs have leather seats and custom leaf-designs

    Cupboard back wall (upper) is decoupaged with beautiful leaves from a Nandina plant and a smaller version of the tabletop design is decoupaged onto the lower back wall and adorned with tiny glass gems

    The cupboard is accented with lace, beads, crushed leaves, and tiny Abstrac-a-delic ™ bowls 


  10. Cheeseburger, fries, Butterfinger candy bar, vintage sign 

    Crayon-stained Cuisine Board ™ measures 2 inches in width ~


  11. Sub sandwich, potato chips, choco-chip cookie

    Distress-stained Cuisine Board ™ measures 2 inches in width ~ 


  12. This ornate coffee table has been super-funky-distressed ~

    Stands 1.5 inches tall and measures 4 inches wide



  14. Cupboard is vividly painted, slightly distressed with 1OA Exclusive Custom MiniLucents  and stands just over 5 inches tall x 3 inches wide ~