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    1 Oak Arts Miniatures


  2. The first offering from an upcoming collection of miniature Jaspé pottery from 1 Oak Arts

    This piece stands a mere 1/2 inch tall and is photographed sitting atop a page from a magazine featuring
    life-size pieces of the rural French earthenware


  3. Chocolate!

    Cuisine Board ™ measures 3 inches in width


  4. Tiny bowls! 



  6. Tiny 3-drawer cabinet stands just over 2 inches tall ~

    Matching handmade crate ~

    Part of new & exclusive crayon-stained collection



  8. Decoupaged cabinet stands two inches tall 

    Custom MiniLucents ™ panels are separate and can be used as shown in photo, 
    as decorative elements or in dollhouse windows 

    Tiny crate holds a wreath with crushed Crepe Myrtle petals and ribbon

    Assorted pieces of pottery from exclusive collection


  9. Tiny bowl from Abstrac-a-delic ™ Collection


  10. Floating fork spaghetti set onto ring base

    Tiny thick-crust pizza 


  11. From 1 Oak Arts Exclusive Collection

    Lyrical Snippet Signboards ™



  13. Console has been crayon-painted in black and brown with muted tones of red

    Accented with black nail tacks 

    Stands just over 2 inches tall and is 4 inches wide


  14. Distressed and decoupaged cupboard stands 5 inches tall ~


  15. Gourmet pizza, biscotti, cheesecake, patina-fork, and signboard ~

    Paint & crayon-stained Cuisine Board ™ measures 2 inches in width